Friday, September 21, 2012

A Top Ten List

    10) Troll stories, myths and legends of all eras, regardless of the troll's 'nature' still have an ageless appeal.

    9) Trolls have evolved from the scary, nightmare causing, object lessons to 'cute' and 'cuddly' family oriented nature lovers and friends.

    8) Even foolish. yet persistent, misrepresentations like 'internet troll' or 'troll face' cannot ruin their appeal because true believers know the difference.

    7) Even those humans who find them ugly, annoying and irrelevant cannot resist stroking their hair when they are handed one.

    6) True Trolls are to themselves 'enough'. They never take or use more than they need and waste very very little.
    5) Troll 'magic' is simple and harmonious within nature and full of common sense.

    4) Troll 'luv/love' puts one in a small and rather unique group. There are not all that many who collect and or write about these wonderful creatures and their world and that adds to the wonder.

    3) True Trolls now represent the creatures who love the Earth and those who care for it!

    2) Trolls can fit into almost every occasion, situation or comment.

    1) Trolls simply make me smile!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


That sounds a bit absurd but there are far stranger ideas in the world today... like pumping stuff into the air and water does not affect them, or that global climate changes are not sped up or affected by the actions of men.  Trolls have long been the champions of the planet, long before many other groups who, I believe, took their lead from those creatures who are closest to nature.  I hope you are willing to do your part to keep your little corner of this beautiful globe clean and pure.  It may not be alot of area but every square foot helps.  Peace and love to you all!