Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Just a bit of fun. I love Halloween and it is my favorite time of year.. I think it is for trolls tools.. case in point look who showed up with our carved pumpkin....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ice Giant, Odin and Christ

I saw a post today on facebook which said: "Odin said he would get rid of all the Ice Giants, Christ said he would get rid of all the sinners. I don't see any Ice Giants around anymore." This implied something a bit off so I responded.
"It just means the Ice Giants got smarter and learned to hide better. Odin destroyed with hate so the giants adapted.. Christ wins with love and the wicked haven't figured that out they continue to make fools of themselves in the open.. "
I guess I get kind of sad when this kind of stuff occurs and since it had to do with Norse Myth and Legend I felt good about posting it here. Chirst is our Exampler and King...following His way is the only sure way to happiness and peace of mind no matter what the rest of the world says or believes..The beauty of it all is that those in the world, the so called sinners, will know and love him too and have the same chance to accept him as we do.. we, as followers of Christ, just have to do our part too.
I will continue to love the lore and the myths my ancestors developed because that is how I got to know and appreciate them and that is how we will relate when I get the chance to teach them the gospel in the next phase of our existance beyond this mortal veil.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stabburs and Norwegian Architecture

Wow.. I learned a bunch at the Sons of Norway meeting last night (Saturday 10/15/11). I learned that I did not know much about Stabburs and Norwegian Architecture. I really think the concept is cool. The traditional Norwegian building called "Stabbur" was used to store food. The two floors made it perfect for hanging meat from the ceiling in good distance from the claws of rats and other sneaky animals. There are several great pictures of Stabburs on the net. I suggest you google "Norwegian Stabbers" and have a look!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

57 years old and finally the trolls talk to me!

I guess having a birthday messes with your mind.. The night before my birthday I dreamed I was in Norway and going to my friend Martin E's home to surprise him.. I walked up to his door (which was not quite accurate as far as I understand but that does not matter) I walk up and knock and Martin opens the door and I say "Hey, I was in the neighborhood and thought I would drop by for a visit!" He looks at me and smiles and closes the door. I pretend to get 'huffy' and say; "Well if you are going to be that way about it I'm leaving!" I walk up the stone lined path from his house (again not accurate) and he opens the door and I turn around and start back and then I woke up and never got to the door again... sad. THEN last night I dreamed that I was down the street three doors because I was after a couple big troll dolls that had strayed (thanks to some kids playing with them) down the street so I picked them up (and they were standing there like they were waiting for me, smiling of course, when my friend Ken E (who sometimes whittles wooden trolls and helps me with my woodwork staffs I make when needed) pulls in and has a couple of my bigger trolls (Denny and Markie 20 inches) in a car seat in his back of the vehicle. I get them out and I cannot carry all 4 so I put Denny and Markie down and they (to my only mild surprise) start to walk home. Denny wants to carry one of the trolls I am carrying so I let her and so Markie starts to whine and "me, me" at me so just as we get to my front yard he takes the other and we are going in. Denny is the first to talk a full sentence asking for a drink but Markie just climbs up on the sink and helps himself. I tell him I am proud of him for being so independent but that Sandy (my wife) does not like people climbing on the counters. He says okay. Then another of my trolls talks and well I am asking Sandy if she hears them and she does and she is quite surprised because all along I have insisted that trolls are real and alive and now I had proof and I wake up before I can explore it more.. Darn..Oh well...I have my proof! I am happy! And everyone else knows that I am still 'just a little' nuts or I am just your typical 'dreamer' Happy October everyone!