Monday, December 30, 2013

Hope Your Year is
Grand and Wonderful!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Chrstmas to ALL

May the joy and wonder of this time of year
carry through the season and throughout
the year to come!!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Merry Christmas Tradition

Since 1977 Sandy and I have had a tradition in our home around Christmas time. It started when we brought or first real tree home. I am not overly fond of the idea of having an artificial tree so we got a real one and brought 'it' home and set it up in our two bedroom apartment on 800 E. in Salt Lake City, Utah (La Parisienne Apartments). We had decorated 'it' and one of us said something like he looks like a Willie. The name stuck and Willie became our first tree. Since that time we have named our trees.

The process goes like this: We go out and pick a tree. As the children grew we alternated who got to pick the tree. It was something they all looked forward too . After we decorate the tree we have a grand lighting ceremony that evening. We start by reading the list of all the names of all our previous trees in memory of their beauty and the joy they gave us. We then sit and talk about names and wait for the tree to 'tell' us his or her name. The only criteria is it has to end with the 'ee' sound (ie, y, etc) Once the tree is named the new name is entered onto our list. This is the list and who picked it. Note, some have 'nick names' and alternate names.. it is just how it happened that year.

1977 Willie, our first tree
1978 Harvey (he lost all his needles as we took him out)
1979 Fat Freddie (short and fat)
1980 Billy
1981 Bernie (not named after my father but almost)
1982 Benny Picked by Jennette (Jenny insisted he was called Ben)
1983 Annie (our first girl tree) Jenny helped here too
1984 Shorty (yes he was)
1985 Hayley (inspired by Hayley Mills aka Pollyanna)
1986 Judy Jenny helped pick her
1987 Heidi (Jenny called her Greenie)
1988 Brity First tree picked/named by Trina
1989 Tommy the Twismas Tree/Twee Named by Bradley and picked by him
1990 Hilary Picked by Vicki and named by her)
1991 Harry Christmas (named by Jenny and picked
1992 Mandy Named and picked by Trina
1993 King Jerry Named by Bradley and picked by him
1994 Mary Christmas Tree Picked by Vicki and named by her
1995 Georgie First tree picked by Matthew
1996 Sharlie Jennette
1997 Buddy Trina
1998 Stanley Bradley (nick named Studdly)
1999 Christmas Evie Vicki
2000 Destiny Tree Matt
2001 Bethany Trina (Jenny has moved out)
2002 Galaxtree Bradley
2003 Noley Vicki
2004 Streamy Matt
2005 Glory (Gloria) Bradley (Trina has moved out)
2006 Zoley Vicki (Brad thought it might have been Zoey.)
2007 Swooshy (pattern reminded Brad of the Nike swoosh)
2008 Maggie Vicki
2009 Piney Matt
2010 Tippy Brad This is the only tree that fell over on us) Vicki and Matt have moved out
2011 Alfie Centarury Brad ..First tree with a true star on it
2012 Goldi Named by Sandy.. and agreed on by Bradley and I..picked by us all.

2013 Robbie Named by Martin Our theme is robots and robot toy factory this year)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thanks to "Anything Troll" for this Picture!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Halloween Zombie Trolls

With the Halloween season so close here are some Zombie Trolls my son and I created for fun...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Just met a wonderful lady whom I believe is a Queen in the world of Trolls!    Here's to Sherry Martin-Groom..  Her site, The Troll Hole, is fun and picturesque and should be visited.  the URL link is posted with all my other drop to the bottom of my page.. click on the name and say "Hi!"   (And while you are there drop in on the others as well.  I am sure they would love to meet you!)

Sunday, July 28, 2013


      Once upon a time there was a child who thought; “Wouldn't it be “staringly grand” (her favorite made up phrase) if there was a spaceship that was so special and so wonderful it could travel any place it wanted? And what if it were kinda magical and it's crew were from the faerie and myth world and other unusual dream stuff. And it would be able to go and help people in trouble and change size and all kinds of stuff. That would be so..”
     “Impossible.” concluded someone who was older and believed they were much wiser than the child.
     The child looked at the person. “Why?”
     “Because no one believes that kind of stuff is even possible so it can't happen.”
     “Because of the rules.”
     “What rules?”
     “The Rules of the Universe. They say so.”
     “I don't know. I didn't make the rules. All I know is that the rules say it is impossible.”
     “Oh.” replied the child fighting back a tear or three. The child knew better than to argue with “the rules”, even the silly ones.
     But the stars heard. The universe chuckled and a small speck of light moved out of the blackness and began to grow. After a moment it took on an almost valentine heart shape with two pillars of fire exploding out of the wide end. The speck shot forward cooling, taking shape, becoming a starship made of magic, fire and a child's dream.
     In a small gesture to a future cherished memory and to the hoped for delight of the child, letters and numbers formed on the hull. NCC 10101 in jet black letters became clear under the strong outer lights. The ships 'name' erupted in sparkler like flames which burned out quickly leaving “DSS Entrollprise” emblazoned for all to see on the heart like wedged hull.
In the command chair sat what looked like a four foot tall troll doll, his short legs not even reaching the floor.      His name is Captain Flint Deepcavern and this is 'his ship' and this is their story.

     After taking a moment to survey his bridge crew and the various readings on each of the work stations the Captain smiled warmly. He knew his first order of business was to visit 'the child' and so with a simple nod to his 'helmsman' (who also knew the mission) the USS Entrollprise shot forward and into a small child's dream and a future they KNEW no one would believe.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Quote from
Brian Froud's Trolls
By Brian & Wendy Froud
Abrams, New York

Beneath the rock --- the trolls sleep.
Amongst the trees --- the trolls watch.
Under the bridge --- the trolls wait.
Up the mountain --- the trolls sing.
In the storm --- the trolls howl.

And at the threshold of night --- the trolls come.

              I just completed reading one of the best books about trolls  It is by Brian and Wendy Froud
              I strongly urge you to read this book!  It says things about trolls that I have wished I could say.  

You might recognize a similarity with this cover and a movie called 
"The Dark Crystal"
Mr. Froud worked with Jim Henson to create that memorable movie.

Check out his website:

Friday, June 21, 2013

Blogging is hard with no followers....

Blogging is hard with no followers AND if you do not do it regularly.
       I have taken on my fair share of stuff over the years and commented on things via facebook and other media and esp. in person type chats but when I started this blog a couple of years ago I never realized that I would only get back to it every other decade or so and that picturing fun pictures of trolls and other fantasy figures would draw so little.  I decided on the day I created this blog that I would not be controversial in an overt way and that I would post things that I hope will make people smile (#1), see something good for them and/or our planet (#2) and lighten their load a little because of what I have posted.  (#3).  I also hoped to use it as a forum to share some of my poems, stories, etc.  I realize these may never win a prize for literature and/or make me a million or three but I do want people to read them and find some little break from reality that I strive to offer with most of what I write.  
        I have also learned that to be a blogger you have to look at other people's blogs and follow them.  I am lousy at that and it is probably for the same reason most people who have visited/stumbled onto my blog don't read and or comment on it..TIME.  It is perhaps the same reason I do not post more often.. I have "better" things to do with MY time, and this is sad and still true (and I do not ever play computer games or FB games or study various political agendas, read movie reviews, or twitter, or do any thing that I think is a waste of time (though I do confess to playing 'Free Cell' to unwind momentarily almost every day).
        So what am I going to do about it.   I DO NOT KNOW.   I am going to keep posting from time to time, I am going to perhaps comment more with my POV on some topics and just keep trying to make people SMILE or go.."cool"  or "that was funny/fun, glad I visited for a moment.
        I am also going to invite all of you who got this far to visit my blog at

      So come on by, read and/or look at what I have already done and take a smile or two away, after all the are free!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Just for fun I am posting the latest adventures of the 
Tootsie Troll Tribe!

 After a successful hunt the Tootsie Troll Tribe travels home with its bounty
 Travel is sometimes hard with a full stock to carry.
 The path is not always easy
 Teamwork is frequently needed..
 Sometimes you need a little help from a friend
 Making camp at the end of the day.
 Working so hard works up an appitite..
Even the skins are used. Nothing is wasted