Monday, November 21, 2011

I have taken a step closer..

Gjetost, Norwegian Brown Goat Cheese. I LIKE IT!!
My first rememberance of Gjetost was that it was strong, smelled funny and had a weird after taste. My Grandpa Bernson used to ate it as often as he could on crackers and bread. I tried it and decided 'never again'. Well "never" came on Saturday 11/19/11 the day after my wife's birthday. We went to help celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the Local "Leif Erikson Lodge" which is part of the Sons of Norway national organization. Part of the feist was Gjetost server on waffle wedge in one case and on a crisp of some kind on the other. AND I liked it. It was thinly sliced and that was good too. So now I have tasted Lutefisk and have eaten Gjetost so I am wondering what is next?? (oh I also ate a large variety of sweets many of which hailed from Norway or Sweden but I could not tell you their names....yet) I also have a good book, sent from my friend, Martin, in Norway on how to learn to speak to Norsk.. so who knows.

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