Friday, May 18, 2012



The Earth moans in pain. She tosses too and fro, she burns, she quakes and she gasps. In places there are signs of death. Our Mother, the Earth, is worn, polluted and unbalanced in ways that she has never been since she was created. This fact is felt by those of us who are closest to 'her', namely the 'True Trolls' and her pains have finally moved us to act by seeking out our friends and other humans who feel as we do, that Mother Earth needs our help if she is to go on providing for her children as she has since we were raised from the Earth to take our place among one of the most Elder of all races.

Since that time it has been our joyous task to care for her, to help her keep herself clean and unpolluted. We care for all her living parts that cannot directly care for themselves, the rocks and soils, the skies, and the waters. We help balance the plants, the animals and all 'breathing, creations within their sphere in the great cycle of life. With our magics we clean, we plant, we mend and we heal the ravages of a frequently spontaneous environment while at the same time allowing, even encouraging the natural ebbs and flows of the Earth's great intelligent design. This however is not an easy task and we do not do it alone and what we do accomplish is usually in secret and thus is rarely even recognized by the multitudes of the other sentient species that walk the Earth.

The most numerous and volatile and unpredictable of all these species are the Humans. Since their beginning, when 'Humans' were created we have, for the most part hidden ourselves from the Realms of Man, not because we feared them but because we could sense, in their majorities, their aggression, their greed and their hunger for all that they saw. Still we were patient, occasionally teaching this 'upstart race' things they could not seem to learn for themselves. Among the many things we taught them was the ability to care for the land and for the most part, they did well for thousands of years by putting back what they had taken and showing gratitude for the bounties offered by their Mother the Earth. In less that a single life time of a 'True Troll', Humans have changed and our beloved Mother is paying a very dear price for their generations of neglect, carelessness and more recently their callous disregard for her and her other children.

It is for this reason that we, the True Trolls' are coming forward to our Troll Friends and starting, this day, an Alliance we hope will bring a balance to save our world and meet the growing need of an ever increasing number of humans. It can be done, but it will take, perhaps, many human lifetimes to accomplish. TODAY is the beginning. We challenge you to start now to look at the world around you and take one small step toward cleaning up and conserving our shared planet.

My name is Maas and I am a 'True Troll'. In the future I will tell you why we are such. In the meantime PLEASE do not confuse us with the strange and very inaccurate group called “Internet Trolls' which, for your information would be better known as 'Internet Gremlins' because of their general malicious and twisted nature which fits the species of Gremlins most accurately.

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