Friday, June 21, 2013

Blogging is hard with no followers....

Blogging is hard with no followers AND if you do not do it regularly.
       I have taken on my fair share of stuff over the years and commented on things via facebook and other media and esp. in person type chats but when I started this blog a couple of years ago I never realized that I would only get back to it every other decade or so and that picturing fun pictures of trolls and other fantasy figures would draw so little.  I decided on the day I created this blog that I would not be controversial in an overt way and that I would post things that I hope will make people smile (#1), see something good for them and/or our planet (#2) and lighten their load a little because of what I have posted.  (#3).  I also hoped to use it as a forum to share some of my poems, stories, etc.  I realize these may never win a prize for literature and/or make me a million or three but I do want people to read them and find some little break from reality that I strive to offer with most of what I write.  
        I have also learned that to be a blogger you have to look at other people's blogs and follow them.  I am lousy at that and it is probably for the same reason most people who have visited/stumbled onto my blog don't read and or comment on it..TIME.  It is perhaps the same reason I do not post more often.. I have "better" things to do with MY time, and this is sad and still true (and I do not ever play computer games or FB games or study various political agendas, read movie reviews, or twitter, or do any thing that I think is a waste of time (though I do confess to playing 'Free Cell' to unwind momentarily almost every day).
        So what am I going to do about it.   I DO NOT KNOW.   I am going to keep posting from time to time, I am going to perhaps comment more with my POV on some topics and just keep trying to make people SMILE or go.."cool"  or "that was funny/fun, glad I visited for a moment.
        I am also going to invite all of you who got this far to visit my blog at

      So come on by, read and/or look at what I have already done and take a smile or two away, after all the are free!!!

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