Sunday, July 28, 2013


      Once upon a time there was a child who thought; “Wouldn't it be “staringly grand” (her favorite made up phrase) if there was a spaceship that was so special and so wonderful it could travel any place it wanted? And what if it were kinda magical and it's crew were from the faerie and myth world and other unusual dream stuff. And it would be able to go and help people in trouble and change size and all kinds of stuff. That would be so..”
     “Impossible.” concluded someone who was older and believed they were much wiser than the child.
     The child looked at the person. “Why?”
     “Because no one believes that kind of stuff is even possible so it can't happen.”
     “Because of the rules.”
     “What rules?”
     “The Rules of the Universe. They say so.”
     “I don't know. I didn't make the rules. All I know is that the rules say it is impossible.”
     “Oh.” replied the child fighting back a tear or three. The child knew better than to argue with “the rules”, even the silly ones.
     But the stars heard. The universe chuckled and a small speck of light moved out of the blackness and began to grow. After a moment it took on an almost valentine heart shape with two pillars of fire exploding out of the wide end. The speck shot forward cooling, taking shape, becoming a starship made of magic, fire and a child's dream.
     In a small gesture to a future cherished memory and to the hoped for delight of the child, letters and numbers formed on the hull. NCC 10101 in jet black letters became clear under the strong outer lights. The ships 'name' erupted in sparkler like flames which burned out quickly leaving “DSS Entrollprise” emblazoned for all to see on the heart like wedged hull.
In the command chair sat what looked like a four foot tall troll doll, his short legs not even reaching the floor.      His name is Captain Flint Deepcavern and this is 'his ship' and this is their story.

     After taking a moment to survey his bridge crew and the various readings on each of the work stations the Captain smiled warmly. He knew his first order of business was to visit 'the child' and so with a simple nod to his 'helmsman' (who also knew the mission) the USS Entrollprise shot forward and into a small child's dream and a future they KNEW no one would believe.

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