Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Merry Christmas Tradition

Since 1977 Sandy and I have had a tradition in our home around Christmas time. It started when we brought or first real tree home. I am not overly fond of the idea of having an artificial tree so we got a real one and brought 'it' home and set it up in our two bedroom apartment on 800 E. in Salt Lake City, Utah (La Parisienne Apartments). We had decorated 'it' and one of us said something like he looks like a Willie. The name stuck and Willie became our first tree. Since that time we have named our trees.

The process goes like this: We go out and pick a tree. As the children grew we alternated who got to pick the tree. It was something they all looked forward too . After we decorate the tree we have a grand lighting ceremony that evening. We start by reading the list of all the names of all our previous trees in memory of their beauty and the joy they gave us. We then sit and talk about names and wait for the tree to 'tell' us his or her name. The only criteria is it has to end with the 'ee' sound (ie, y, etc) Once the tree is named the new name is entered onto our list. This is the list and who picked it. Note, some have 'nick names' and alternate names.. it is just how it happened that year.

1977 Willie, our first tree
1978 Harvey (he lost all his needles as we took him out)
1979 Fat Freddie (short and fat)
1980 Billy
1981 Bernie (not named after my father but almost)
1982 Benny Picked by Jennette (Jenny insisted he was called Ben)
1983 Annie (our first girl tree) Jenny helped here too
1984 Shorty (yes he was)
1985 Hayley (inspired by Hayley Mills aka Pollyanna)
1986 Judy Jenny helped pick her
1987 Heidi (Jenny called her Greenie)
1988 Brity First tree picked/named by Trina
1989 Tommy the Twismas Tree/Twee Named by Bradley and picked by him
1990 Hilary Picked by Vicki and named by her)
1991 Harry Christmas (named by Jenny and picked
1992 Mandy Named and picked by Trina
1993 King Jerry Named by Bradley and picked by him
1994 Mary Christmas Tree Picked by Vicki and named by her
1995 Georgie First tree picked by Matthew
1996 Sharlie Jennette
1997 Buddy Trina
1998 Stanley Bradley (nick named Studdly)
1999 Christmas Evie Vicki
2000 Destiny Tree Matt
2001 Bethany Trina (Jenny has moved out)
2002 Galaxtree Bradley
2003 Noley Vicki
2004 Streamy Matt
2005 Glory (Gloria) Bradley (Trina has moved out)
2006 Zoley Vicki (Brad thought it might have been Zoey.)
2007 Swooshy (pattern reminded Brad of the Nike swoosh)
2008 Maggie Vicki
2009 Piney Matt
2010 Tippy Brad This is the only tree that fell over on us) Vicki and Matt have moved out
2011 Alfie Centarury Brad ..First tree with a true star on it
2012 Goldi Named by Sandy.. and agreed on by Bradley and I..picked by us all.

2013 Robbie Named by Martin Our theme is robots and robot toy factory this year)

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