Thursday, August 13, 2015

Published by: Troll Enthusiasts Anonymous (TEA)
Dr. Sigmud Froud, President

Here is a basic list of Common Symptoms that Troll Collectors and other troll enthusiasts should be aware. Any one of these symptoms might indicate they have one or more of the Syndromes and/or Disorders listed below. If you notice any of these symptoms see a Psytrollologist or immediately for treatment.

          1 You find the necessity of explaining your actions to                          friends and family a  regular occurrence.
    1. You notice, on a regular bases, a sudden, unplanned, disappearance of funds due to the appearance of the 'must have' addition to your collection.
    2. Your home and or office (and other spaces) have a lack of surface space for day to day activities due to them all being covered by trolls or troll projects.
    3. You notice the frequent sad shaking of heads and other body motions as peers and family realize all you talk about is somehow related to troll stuff.
    4. You are such a regular that 'on line' auction sites direct you to trolls the moment you sign in.
    5. You name your trolls and create stories and background for your trolls.
    6. Your pictorial record is mostly of your human and/or your troll family,
    7. You cannot go anywhere in your residence where there is not at least one troll.
    8. You have more than five boxes of trolls you cannot display.
    9. You have dressed as a troll at .least one time.
    10. You have made common and/or specialized troll clothing and dressed trolls in them.
    11. You accessorize your trolls with items from other sets such as Fashion Dolls, Military Action Men, etc. and have a stash of mirrors, guns, equipment etc ready to use.
  1. OTD (Obsessive Trollpulsive Disorder) This disorder is defined as the uncontrolled urge to buy, sell, create and otherwise collect trolls and troll related items.
  2. TMT: (Too Many Trolls Syndrome) This syndrome occurs when a person (usually a collector, collector's family member or other closely associated with the collector) starts to see trolls everywhere they look. This is not limited to the toys or figures but frequently includes other representations of trolls and trollkind. It can also occur in people who's heritage involves myth and/or legends involving trolls and trollkind. These secondary people may see shadowy forms and troll shapes in common things and/or scenes.
  3. TPH (Trollaphilia Disorder) An irresistible love of trolls.
  4. THS (Troll Hoarding Syndrome) This disorder is often subjective but when a person admits, at least once, that they have more trolls then what they know what to do with, they may have this syndrome.
  5. THTD (Troll Hair Tickling Disorder) A person with an uncontrollable urge and/or need to stroke, caress, rub, etc. mohair and other hair attached to any type of troll representation.
  6. T-Zzz (Trollcolepsey Disorder) A person with this disorder finds their sleep pattern disrupted or irregular to an extreme because of their working on their troll collection or other troll related hobby.
  7. CD (Covetrollitus Disorder) A person with this Disorder shows a great jealousy and/or irrational urge to possess every troll and/or troll related item they see. This Disorder often is accompanied by a major symptom known as Kleptrollmania.
  8. KS (Kleptrollmania Syndrome) the uncontrollable urge to take possession of a troll regardless of legality or actual need.
  9. FTD (Faulty Trollvision Disorder) aka Trollucinations A person with this disorder sees trolls everywhere they look. Where some levels of TMT have similar symptoms, FTD manifestations are frequent and much more realistic and substantive then TMT. Though generally visual they can be, on rare occasions, auditory or tactile in nature.
  10. TD (Trollasociative Disorder) A person can only relate to the 'real world' by using troll and other Norse myths as reference points.

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