Monday, April 25, 2016

Hey out there in Troll land:

I thought I would just take a moment and do a huge, long, and hopefully not boring bio as to why I like trolls just for the fun of it. So if you want to get to know me and get a big glimpse into the 'world of Trolls' I am involved in then read on..if not..this is not going to affect your eternal progress in any way so find something interesting for you to do instead and have fun... Either way you choose, I will start by wishing you “Many happy and Wonderful Troll Blessings” and say “May all your 'Trollish' dreams come true.

To start with I believe there is a great lack of information and understanding within the Human world about Trolls and Troll kind and those creatures/beings who are frequently mistaken as Trolls. As you read this novella you will see why the World of Trolls has become a large part of my life. The stories and articles I mention below are all available and I am trying to develop them in a way that I can use them to help 'my Troll world' grow. However, if you are interested in one or more of the items mentioned below contact me... I want this knowledge shared and commonly understood so we can go from there.

  1. I have been collecting trolls for almost 50 years. I got my first one at age 12. I have a few hundred in my collection including some from most major companies, some less known companies and some I have no idea who made them. I have Trolls in all shapes sizes and conditions. Some are considered rare but most are ones that are fairly common. I adopt who I find and give them a family that, unless they choose to leave, will last a lifetime.
  2. I very, very rarely sell/put trolls up for adoption but I do occasionally I exchange them if both parties agree. Most of the time the trolls that leave my family are 'given' to those who need smiles or to those I feel will give them a good home. I have done this hundreds of times.
  3. I find most of the trolls in our family at 2nd Hand stores and I have traded and bartered for a few. I think the most I have paid as an adoption fee for a Troll in my life is $30.00 and that was for either a Tico or and Big Iggy that I got years ago. Now-a-days I just find and often share trolls for fun. IF I have a character need for one of my stories etc. (to be mentioned later) I will buy/search one out ONLY if I cannot find him or her after a long period of time and can find a reasonably inexpensive adoption fee. I also have been known to take donations from time to time but those too are the exception rather than the rule.
  4. I collect (aka 'gather family members') because (a) They make me smile, (b) They make others smile, (c.) I am full Norwegian on my mothers side and I think it is in my blood, (d) They provide me with a use of my imagination and provide an outlet that is 180 degrees opposite what I do in real life which is work as a social worker with all kinds of fun and exciting humans, and lastly (e) They make me smile.
  5. Another part of my interest and love of Trolls is that I have become a Trollologist (and I have been dubbed a Master Trollologist, in Norway and elsewhere so it is a Title I 'wear' quite proudly.
  6. The primary outcome of my creating a troll family beyond the smiles is the writing I have done. I have written 3 or 4 score stories, poems and articles involving trolls some of which I have sold, won contests with, and for the most part given away as a legacy to my grand children (I write a Troll something, usually a story, for each of my 3 <> grand children each year for their birthday: I call it a 'Bag Full of Trolls” and each gets a special troll and the story geared to the age level as near to their birthday as I can get it to them)
  7. In my creative writings I have covered many topics ranging from why you do not see genitalia on most Trolls to how and why some statues in South and Central America have a strong resemblance to the Nordic Trolls of yore. I have written stories that explain how the ugly/scary/mean Trolls of yore “evolved” into the cute and friendly Trolls/Troll dolls of today. I easily explain how True Trolls ended up with only four fingers and toes and how those nubby looking things on the troll doll are actually fine tuned and dexterous fingers. I have recorded, from family tales, a fertile interpretation of Troll yore and more articles on Troll family life, beliefs and even how they became the wonderful caretakers of the land they are today. I have even had articles published and quoted elsewhere as to why True Trolls do or do not turn to stone when struck by the sun as they did in days of yore.
  8. One of the other main reasons I write is to show the importance of the link between our mythological, legendary and oral histories and what we have become today. I like to point out that without the creative and adaptive thinking of our ancestors to create these myths and legends we would still be nothing more than hunter/gatherers living in tribes etc. My stories are as real as the readers imagination will let them be and as accurate and factual as we can make them while looking through the clouded vision of most histories. As part of this I have created records of how Trolls and Humans have interacted over time and how one, without the other, would not, nor ever will, survive, even today.
  9. I have also created 'tongue in cheek' lists of Troll disorders, famous trolls in history (ie Cletrollpatra or Cleopattroll depending on the version of oral histories you hear) and I have created a Trolltionary that shows/defines the differences between types of True Trolls and other species humans regularly mistake as trolls (ie Giants are NOT True Trolls and neither are Goblins or Orcs). I even have a list of Troll Sayings like the one Grieg quoted “Troll to thyself be enough” and what it means.
  10. Since True Trolls are magical creatures I have gathered a a wide variety of Troll Spells in a sort of grimoire of the most common ones. These spells include the ability to change sizes, become invisible, healing (of self, others and the land) and more.
  11. Part of my 'troll efforts' has been to create uses/places for Trolls in today's society and to create organizations or groups to which they can belong or which they have created, The first one is the Centroll Environmentroll Controll or CEC. I am an avid environmentalist and so I created the CEC to further my feelings about the topic. I chose trolls for my 'spokes creatures' because they have evolved into the caretakers of the land. More on the CEC can be found by searching out Centroll Environmentroll Controll where you may find my blog and/or the FB page for the CEC.
  12. Another group I created for Trolls to be in is The Impossitroll Mission Force (IMF) is a small, tight knit group of Troll operatives that are an independent unit under the auspicious of a Research and Development Section of the CEC. They are said to be headquartered deep in the catacombs beneath the Vatican in Rome, Italy with other branches deep beneath Stonehenge at Wiltshire, Great Britten, one deep below the Granite Mountain Archives of the LDS Church in the Wasatch Mountains outside Salt Lake City, Utah, one deep in the mountain near Trondheim in Norway, one below the Dead Sea in Israel and probably others elsewhere.
  13. I have also created a Starship, the USS Entrollprise on which Trolls serve along with some of their allies in the realm of outer space.
  14. Then there is the fun I have creating “one of a kind” trolls or characters for stories (many of the main characters in the stories you will read have a physical representation in my collection and that makes them (both stories and trolls) that much more special. When you couple that with the photos I take and the illustrations they are sometimes used for then you will see that the troll world is as full and inclusive as anyone can begin to imagine. My son also does some of my illustrations and other family member make clothes and props so it is family fun on top of it all.
  15. Finally for me sharing this information is a big part of the fun. I want to welcome you Humans in a a world that is as diverse, secretive and exciting as you can travel in. To see others grow in the their knowledge and understanding of Trolls and the wonderful world they are from and live in now is very gratifying. So now you know and if you want to know more then ask. I love to share stuff I have written/created.

Oh and if you see this more than once on other sites I apologize.  

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