Sunday, June 19, 2011

Getting Excited

Too often we get so busy that things that have been fun and/or important to us fade and take a back seat to the realities of our present condition. Sometimes we simply outgrow or loose interest in these things and the passion with which we pursued them vanishes in the pursuit of new and more exciting things. The 'fire in our belly' ceases to burn and we walk away from those things that we once were passionate about with little or no regret. As part of this process we are often lead to say; "Oh, I still love doing that." or "When I get the time I will get back to it." and to a degree this is true but we all know that this "renewel' or 'getting back to' does not happen without a lot of effort and specific decisions during the process. Often this process takes a concerted step by step plan so we can work our old passions back into our 'new way of life'. Sometimes, along the way, we discover it 'just ain't worth going back' in which case we pack up the 'old' and put it away again.

I believe that both of these avenues are valid. There are some things that we must or should leave behind for any of a multitude of reasons. There are also things that should be brought back into our lives and revitalized. I also believe that this is an ongoing process and can change at a moments notice because of, again, the multitude of factors that demand or desire our time, talents and energies.

So why say this on a small blog about trolls which so far very few people read? The answer is simple..I love the world of the mythological troll and I love the world of myth and legend, so I am rearranging and trying to bring something new into my world..a regular blog.. Now I have said this before but I hope to actually act on it this time.. so if you read this.. read what I have posted before and then join/follow this page and go from there!

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