Sunday, September 18, 2011


Well it was inevitable... I "finally" got the opportunity to try lutefisk..I was invited to be the guest speaker at the Leif Erikson Lodge here in Utah. My topic was about Trolls (surprise) and I made it about Norwegian Myth, Legend, culture and trolls. I spoke about 45 minutes and I was told by Rick, who leads the group, that is was the first time they had to set up more chairs for a meeting and this on the same day as the BIG football rivalry between the U of U and BYU. I will maybe post my notes on it later when I get a chance. But anyway after I did this they served a bit of a dinner and in a jar on the table was pickled herring called Lutefisk.. It was terrible...I am not sure I could even get used to it.. the briny taste had to be washed away with four Swedish meatballs and a cookie.. I still cringe a little when I remember the 'aftershock' taste. At least I had the courage to try it..and it did take a few moments to decide. I had a lot of fun and it has given me contact with the Norwegian group here in Utah. Look for more soon.

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