Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ice Giant, Odin and Christ

I saw a post today on facebook which said: "Odin said he would get rid of all the Ice Giants, Christ said he would get rid of all the sinners. I don't see any Ice Giants around anymore." This implied something a bit off so I responded.
"It just means the Ice Giants got smarter and learned to hide better. Odin destroyed with hate so the giants adapted.. Christ wins with love and the wicked haven't figured that out they continue to make fools of themselves in the open.. "
I guess I get kind of sad when this kind of stuff occurs and since it had to do with Norse Myth and Legend I felt good about posting it here. Chirst is our Exampler and King...following His way is the only sure way to happiness and peace of mind no matter what the rest of the world says or believes..The beauty of it all is that those in the world, the so called sinners, will know and love him too and have the same chance to accept him as we do.. we, as followers of Christ, just have to do our part too.
I will continue to love the lore and the myths my ancestors developed because that is how I got to know and appreciate them and that is how we will relate when I get the chance to teach them the gospel in the next phase of our existance beyond this mortal veil.

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