Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Entry 1: Something mysterious has appeared on 'our' back deck for Father Martin...I, the human home owner, am a little nervous. It looks like an adventure is starting...

Entry 2 He could not figure out what it was and immediately called his friend Maas, the Berntsen (Bernson) Family House Troll now residing with the Calderwood household)  He helps the good Father bring the box in which is heavier than either of them expected.

Entry 3  Father Martin says he thinks he knows when things started...

Entry 4 Earlier that evening he was out walking and he passed a graveyard....

Entry 5 Walking through a graveyard can be very unnerving... Father Martin thought he was prepared for anything...He would soon find out differently.

Entry 6...Suddenly something caught his attention. A voice from above, a sinister,eerie voice calling him by name. He had no choice but to investigate.

Entry 7...To his surprise it was a Gnome Zombie standing in a doorway that opened in the wall nearby

"Follow me." he said without waiting.

Father Martin followed him into a rocky room with a dirt floor where the Zombie stopped next to a large rat who seemed very amused.

"Prepare yourself Father. You will be starting an adventure this Halloween night. Return to your 'human shared' home and wait."

Entry 9.... Father Martin drew near the Zombie Gnome and smiled.. "I can release you from this curse my son."

"Not a chance." replied the Zombie Gnome. "Now go..two of my fellows will lead you safely out of the graveyard. Much is afoot that could endanger all myth and legendary beings everywhere..If it succeeds we fear it will not end well. I cannot say more... now go! 

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