Friday, November 27, 2015


Entry 9 (Pic 10): Father Martin was lead out of the cemetery by two Zombie Gnomes and went home. Two hours later he found the chest on the deck of the human home where he lived.

Entry 10: (Pics 11 and 12) After telling his friend about what had occured earlier, tt took Father Martin and Maas several minutes and some carefully chosen Troll Magic to open the box. The box was magically protected on the outside and it seemed that what was on the inside did not want to come out. When it did both Trolls were exhausted but excited as they looked into the box. On top, in plain view, were these two photos

Entry 11: (Pic 13) Below the first pictures were these..a Stone Troll and five polished black stones with nothing on them. These items were all in the wooden box.

Entry 12 (Pics 14 and 15) Father Martin and Maas carefully opened the box and took out the top item, a stone troll. They looked at the box, it still looked very full.

Entry 13 (Pics 16 and 17): Once the stone troll was out they found five black stones which still filled the box. They took the stones out and laid them all out and almost immediatly white markings appeared on the stones.

Entry 14: ( Pic 18): Father Martin and Maas could sense the troll magic in the stones. They tried to put the stones back in the box but there was no way they could fit them in

"I think we have let the troll out of the box." joked Maas.

Father Martin smiled. "The stones are obviously "Life Stones" which were created by human magic users to help their fellows.. They are good magic but i have never seen them change sizes."

"Agreed." said Maas. "When I saw the "Hope" stone I knew what they were but I have no idea what this Stone Troll is other than it is loaded with magic that is neither troll nor human and that worries me as the stone troll itself is obviously troll made."

Father Martin bent over and picked up the stone troll and at that moment he and several other Troll Monks once from a Monastery in Spain vanished.

Entry 15: (Pic 15)Father Martin awoke into a darkness so pitch black that even his finally honed troll vision abilities. His nose told him he was not alone and he knew some of those scents were familiar even masked as they were by the musty smell of the chamber they were in. His ears heard so soft raspy breathing and the occasional sounds made by at least 3 others awakening nearby. The echos of the sounds told him the chamber was not natural and was not likely Troll made which concerned him slightly. There was also another smell he could not even remotely identify and for an instant he thought he caught a glimpse of two red points hanging in the dark not too far away. He stood still and waited his eyes darting in every direction seeking any light change.

                                                  (Does anyone see the small red dots?)

I am now waiting for the names and descriptions of the Monk trolls now with Father Martin.. I NEED at least 3 to continue this adventure..Those who are now there with Father Martin.. their Humans will become part of the creative process in a way I will not tell you about now... So in the comments below give the name of your monk and a picture and a brief personality bio and we will go from there .UNTIL then... you are all in the dark....or are you??

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